Our solutions are made for you to own your mobility

We provide actionable recommendations to improve mobility by optimizing costs, mitigating emissions and increasing people satisfaction through visualization tools and analytics.

Data visualisation

Mob Box aggregates and compiles mass raw data. From internal corporate fleet data to external open source data, we turn figures into straightforward maps and intuitive charts.

Mob Box unleashes mobility data potential.

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Deep analytics

Mob Box filters, prioritizes and correlates data to translate datasets into intelligible insights. To do so, we display tailored dashboards showing the best out of your data.

We provide specific analytics related to CO2 emissions management, cost optimization and employees’ satisfaction.

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Alternatte scenarios

Scenarios simulation

Mob Box relies on in-house algorithms to generate alternative mobility scenarios. These simulations model the fleets behaviors facing diverse incentives.

This approach helps anticipating and planning mobility habits and contributes to targeting relevant incentive levers for managers.

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Employee satisfaction

Mob Box performs employees surveys to collect qualitative data about the employees’ mobility behaviors and expectations. The surveys also assess the feasibility and acceptability of the alternative mobility solutions.

Polls are a unique way to better understand the socio-psychological profiles of employees and commuters.

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Actionnable recommendations

Mob Box’s ultimate purpose is to deliver targeted and actionable measures to reach objectives mobility wise.

We jointly define acceptability criteria, identify relevant incentive levers and quantify the actions to be implemented (multimodal solutions implementation, fleet electrification, company shuttle management, ...). As such, mobility becomes part of your company’s global strategy.

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Mobility data is key

50 000+

commuters' behaviors analysed

1 500 000+

kilometers simulated

15 000+

tCO2e savings detected

Don’t stick to the mobility-as-usual.

People love Mob Box

"As part of our programme to reduce CO2 emissions by 2025, we asked Mob Box to review and establish a sustainable mobility plan. Thanks to their analytical tools and their expertise in the mobility sector, the Mob Box team enabled us to accelerate our mobility transition. Mob Box has assisted us in defining a clear and ambitious strategy to reduce our emissions in the years to come."

Kristel Peeters
Head of General Services

"Thanks Alexis and team for the transparent TCO reports based on your detailed study. The interesting debate we had on this ‘hot’ topic enables us to build the right strategy for the challenging future of EV fleet in front of us!"

Michel van Dongen
Real Estate & Facility Manager

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