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Mob Box helps you decarbonize your corporate mobility. Leveraging our tech tools alongside with our in-depth expertise, we assist companies all the way from data collection and analysis to sustainable strategy implementation.

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Corporate mobility has reached an unprecedented level of complexity

CO2 reduction

Mitigate CO2 emissions and comply with obligations

Mobility represents 30% of GHG emissions*, largely due to individual vehicles. Improving mobility is crucial to align with your CSR/ESG objectives and to mitigate the effects of climate change through reduced carbon emissions.

(*) French Ministry of Ecological Transition

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Costs optimisations

Optimize costs in constraining tax frameworks

Mobility management is an important lever for optimizing costs and reducing the impact of inflation. The increasing price of fuel and cars, along with changes in taxation, has led to a higher total cost of ownership (TCO) for fleet owners.

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Employee satisfaction

Attract & retain talent

Today, mobility is among the top 3 reasons for people to choose a job. Ensuring that employees are satisfied with their mobility package maximizes your company's attractiveness to maintain and recruit new talents. Employees expect their employer to provide flexible solutions adapted to their professional and private needs.

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Don’t stick to mobility-as-usual.


Travel less
Relocation strategy
Satellite offices


Travel differently
Public transport
Mobility budget


Travel efficiently
Fleet electrification
Less powerful engines
Car policy review

Mob Box combines technical expertise with the power of technology

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In order to implement a smart mobility strategy for your company, we use our platform to leverage data for mobility audits, create scenarios and develop mobility profiles of your employees.

Based on this, we deliver an action plan to reduce CO2 emissions but also costs using the ASI approach, which structures measures in 3 successive steps: Avoid, Shift, and Improve.

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TCO and fiscality in Belgium

This paper aims to decipher the key principles of car taxation for the coming years.

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TCO and taxation in Belgium

Mobility data is key

50 000+

commuters' behaviours analyzed

1 500 000+

kilometers simulated

15 000+

tCO2e savings detected

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This paper aims to clarify the key principles of car taxation for the coming years.

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TCO and taxation in Belgium

A proven track record

"Thanks Alexis and team for the transparent TCO reports based on your detailed study. The interesting debate we had on this ‘hot’ topic enables us to build the right strategy for the challenging future of EV fleet in front of us!"

Michel van Dongen
Real Estate & Facility Manager

"As part of our programme to reduce CO2 emissions by 2025, we asked Mob Box to review and establish a sustainable mobility plan. Thanks to their analytical tools and their expertise in the mobility sector, the Mob Box team enabled us to accelerate our mobility transition. Mob Box has assisted us in defining a clear and ambitious strategy to reduce our emissions in the years to come."

Kristel Peeters
Head of General Services

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