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Mob Box is the climate tech that helps decision makers make better data-based mobility decisions. We provide technology and consulting services to accelerate transition towards sustainable mobility. To do so, we rely on strong visualization and analytical tools and a deep understanding of current mobility challenges.

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3 reasons to (re)think your mobility strategy

CO2 reduction

CO2 emissions reduction

At the company level, mobility represents a substantial source of CO2 emissions. In the case of service companies, mobility is usually the main factor (easily up to 75% of total company’s emissions).

As most of the emissions are related to individual cars, improving mobility is a direct lever to decrease drastically carbon emissions.

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Costs optimisations

Costs optimisations

Mobility costs can be critical in the budget management of a company. Especially since they are very much impacted by each country’s tax framework.

For these reasons, mobility management constitutes a direct lever to costs optimization. There is no need to make a compromise on your mobility to save money.

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Employee satisfaction

Employee satisfaction

Making sure employees are satisfied by their mobility package is maximizing the company attractiveness towards new talents acquisition.

Today, and more than ever after the Coronavirus pandemic, people give a lot of importance to their mobility package. Employees expect from their employer flexible solutions to cover professional and private needs.

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Don’t stick to the mobility-as-usual.

Mob Box provides targeted consultancy supported by a strong analytical mindset.

Mob Box is a B2B and B2G company helping decision makers in making better data-based mobility decisions. We combine a tech-oriented DNA with a wide expertise on the mobility industry. Our approach is structured around data analytics and we develop dedicated tools to address your specific mobility challenges. Our knowledge, mobility wise, covers alternative mobility solutions, the car industry and the tax framework. At Mob Box, we are dedicated to get the best out of your data to help you actually improve your mobility.

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TCO and fiscality in Belgium

This paper aims to decipher the key principles of car taxation for the coming years.

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TCO and taxation in Belgium

Mobility data is key

50 000+

commuters' behaviors analysed

1 500 000+

kilometers simulated

15 000+

tCO2e savings detected

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Mob Box optimise la mobilité des salariés

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"As part of our programme to reduce CO2 emissions by 2025, we asked Mob Box to review and establish a sustainable mobility plan. Thanks to their analytical tools and their expertise in the mobility sector, the Mob Box team enabled us to accelerate our mobility transition. Mob Box has assisted us in defining a clear and ambitious strategy to reduce our emissions in the years to come."

Kristel Peeters
Head of General Services

"Thanks Alexis and team for the transparent TCO reports based on your detailed study. The interesting debate we had on this ‘hot’ topic enables us to build the right strategy for the challenging future of EV fleet in front of us!"

Michel van Dongen
Real Estate & Facility Manager

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