TCO Calculator

The TCO Calculator compares and forecasts the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of different vehicles. By including actual and future fiscal frameworks, it enables informed vehicle comparison and leasing decisions, leading to improved cost management and operational efficiency. Helping companies to grasp the overall costs of their fleet in a simple and visual way.

Whether you are a leasing company, car dealer, mobility consultant or fleet manager, the TCO Calculator provides a clear overview of the fiscal impact of each vehicle - enabling easy and informed decision-making for your customers.


Forecast and compare the TCO of vehicles

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Mobility data is key

50 000+

commuters' behaviours analyzed

1 500 000+

kilometers simulated

15 000+

tCO2e savings detected


This paper aims to clarify the key principles of car taxation for the coming years.

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TCO and taxation in Belgium

A proven track record

"Thanks Alexis and team for the transparent TCO reports based on your detailed study. The interesting debate we had on this ‘hot’ topic enables us to build the right strategy for the challenging future of EV fleet in front of us!"

Michel van Dongen
Real Estate & Facility Manager

"As part of our programme to reduce CO2 emissions by 2025, we asked Mob Box to review and establish a sustainable mobility plan. Thanks to their analytical tools and their expertise in the mobility sector, the Mob Box team enabled us to accelerate our mobility transition. Mob Box has assisted us in defining a clear and ambitious strategy to reduce our emissions in the years to come."

Kristel Peeters
Head of General Services

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