One tool to measure and optimize your corporate mobility

The Mobility Hub

The Mobility Hub helps organisations optimize their mobility management through various modules: audit, scenario and survey. It aggregates customer data and renders it into intelligible maps and charts providing clear insights on the mobility situation of an organisation, its CO2 emissions and more.

Through a data-centred approach that enables rational decision-making, the platform simulates scenarios to identify optimal mobility alternatives, such as modal shift or electrification.

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Mob Box Platform


Unlock the full potential of your mobility with Mob Box's all-in-one solution for auditing, planning, and monitoring corporate mobility.



Employee profiling

Optimize your workplaces by visualizing the location and distribution of employees in multiple dimensions

Commuting patterns

Identify at-risk employees and optimize their trips by understanding how they commute to work, the distance they travel and the time it takes

CO2 assessment

Identify your main sources of emissions and visualize your emissions reduction potential with a detailed view of your current CO2 emissions per mode and per capita

Workplace accessibility

Optimise your employees' mobility by understanding the accessibility of your workplace(s).

Scenarios analysis

Remote working

Find out how remote working can help you achieve your CO2 emissions and cost reduction targets

Modal shift

Evaluate the potential to shift towards greener transport modes and create scenarios


Discover how you can convert your fleet to electric to optimize costs and reduce your TCO

CO2 emissions

Evaluate the CO2 reduction towards greener transport modes and create scenarios adapted to your needs

Mobility budget

Evaluate which employees are the best candidates for the mobility budget

Surveys insights

Mobility choices

Observe the mobility habits of your employees to offer them the best mobility choice

Remote working

Adapt the size of your workplace(s) and reduce your emissions by understanding your employees habits and wishes about remote working


Learn what your employees think about switching to electric vehicle

Modal shift

Increase employee satisfaction and retain talent by understanding the openness of your employees to change their transport means

Employee profiling

Certify survey representativeness and gain insights and feedback on your employees

Mobility data is key

50 000+

commuters' behaviours analyzed

1 500 000+

kilometers simulated

15 000+

tCO2e savings detected

Don’t stick to the mobility-as-usual.

A proven track record

"Thanks Alexis and team for the transparent TCO reports based on your detailed study. The interesting debate we had on this ‘hot’ topic enables us to build the right strategy for the challenging future of EV fleet in front of us!"

Michel van Dongen
Real Estate & Facility Manager

"As part of our programme to reduce CO2 emissions by 2025, we asked Mob Box to review and establish a sustainable mobility plan. Thanks to their analytical tools and their expertise in the mobility sector, the Mob Box team enabled us to accelerate our mobility transition. Mob Box has assisted us in defining a clear and ambitious strategy to reduce our emissions in the years to come."

Kristel Peeters
Head of General Services

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